Friday, 27 June 2008

A New Arrival

No, not that kind. This is another one. And no, it's not twins either.
I have had a novella accepted and it will be released by Samhain Publishing in December. I found out earlier in the week and have managed to get the contract business sorted out quick smart, so hopefully they can't change their minds now :). The preliminary title is Chasing Sunset and it's a menage story I wrote mainly just to see if I could write one. Evidently I can. Who knew?
This story has gone through a critique process with my good friend and writing pal Jess Dee, who has also recently had her first attempt at a menage story accepted for release as part of Samhain's upcoming Menage and More anthology. If you're wondering if I had any interest in the anthology myself, you'd be right. It was to be the novella's original destination but Jess, the dear, pipped me at the post she did. Pipped me I say! Fortunately I'm a placid, happy go lucky kind of gal (ahem), and I have managed to refrain from flaming her via email for her - well deserved - success. Her story, A Question of Trust, comes out in September so check out her blog if you want to know more about it. Mine will come out as a stand alone a few months later.
In the meantime... some of you might remember the yummy pics I posted a couple of months ago to show where I was getting my inspiration (actually I didn't need the pics to keep me motivated but it was a really good excuse to waste time scouring the Net looking for a couple of guys who looked just right). I thought it was worth posting a couple more, just because I can.

Just too yummy for words. The first is my character Drew, the one on the right is my character Brody - otherwise known as a couple of random male models I like to look at. Share the joy, I say. That's it for a teaser for now. There will be blurbs and excerpts etc to come... sometime.
Hope you all have a good weekend. I'm actually going out to dinner tonight with some friends - a kidless dinner which has been about six months in the making. My last opportunity to feel like my own person for a while I imagine. Hope I remember how.



  1. Congrats - I've never read a menage story, so I'll test the waters with yours!

    I have been dying to tell the world how brilliant his book is ever since I read it. It is fantastic.
    Trust me. BUY THE BOOK THE SECOND IT IS RELEASED. Menage fan or not, you will not be disappointed.


  3. Congrats Sami

    After such a recommendation from Jess and knowing how great your work is I'll add the book to my TBR pile.

  4. Thanks guys! Nice to know I'm corrupting a whole new bunch of people...

  5. Yay Sami! Am so glad for you. Can't wait to read it!