Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Road Trip

I'm not sure that it qualifies as a road trip, but I'm popping over to Jess Dee's blog, as I've been invited to be her guest blogger on Friday. Hope you get a chance to come on over. I'm posting a little Fijian Fling teaser in case you're interested.

The man pic is just for fun. Isn't he yummy? He's Sabrina's Secret - more about him in the near future....

Cheers for now,



  1. lol Yes I will have to agree he is quite yummy. lol....
    Oh I answered your star sign question on my blog, but forgot to say.... ah... a little Gemini... must be a chatter box and always smiling.... what a treasure.


  2. YUM!
    Yes, I could have lots of fun with him. In fact...please can I have lots of fun with him?
    Lucky, lucky, lucky Sabrina!

  3. That fits the Princess to a T Suz, just never stops. I wish I had half her energy.

    And yes, maybe that man too...

  4. Mmmm - some good eye candy there! Great find Sami!!

    My little middle man is a Gemini (16/6) and certainly a vibrant one... although also very introspective too!! Wonder if that comes with the boy thing?!