Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Those who have recently marvelled at my success writing copious quantaties on a new ms in my own private version of Nanowrite I dubbed NaOct, will be happy to know (go on admit it, you're GLEEFUL) that this week my newfound talent for uncensored speed writing has flown out the proverbial window. Yes people, this week I SUCK. Couldn't write an effing shopping list on threat of my life.

I'm now trying to re-write the ms I penned in such a wild, euphoric rush and finding it difficult going to say the least. I want to say like pulling teeth but that's such a cliche it reminds me of my SUCKY writing attempts too much. Pushing crap uphill? Also apt but cliched. Would rather stick needles in my eyes than read my own work back? The cliches abound. I'm stuck on a particular scene I knew wasn't quite right the first time. I'd intended to tweak it a little, but I've spent two days writing it again from different points of view, adding detail I later decided was extraneous and then deleting, going back to the original only to chuck it again and re-write. What I've ended up with is a scene that makes no sense whatsoever and is somehow even worse than what I had to begin with. Grrr....

I need words of wisdom people. Either that or alcohol, which worked for Hemmingway, at least until he dropped dead on a barstool in Cuba (I think. I can't be arsed googling the facts so don't quote me). Not that I'm comparing myself to Hemmingway. I've never read any of his books but apparently they aren't bad--most unlike my current creation. Unless you're an angry feminist. Then they're just mysoginistic.

Like I said I wouldn't know. Who has time to read Hemmingway? I can't even write a basic boy likes girl but wants to pretend he doesn't scene, cause he changed his mind halfway through and kissed her. WTF? I think he ended up looking skitzophrenic, which would be great if I was writing a skitzophrenic boy likes long suffering girl scene. Not the feel I was going for, however.

Must go beat head against wall now, then perform the usual list of afternoon/evening chores. Oh goody...



  1. LOL!
    Thanks for making me laugh. I'm toughing it out myself right now but I love reading your take on the struggle.
    Personally, I'm going for the alcohol, just for one night at least. Who knows, I might have some brilliant flash of wisdom when I wake up with a hangover.

  2. Oh Sami... if your book is half as entertaining as that post, you're on the right track!

    But Hugs... I feel your pain. Am amidst my own as well!

  3. Oh Sami, I love it when you have a rant, always makes me laugh. I am presently deleting thousands of words out of the Bunker. Its a total mess. So I do feel your pain. My only suggestion is to take a break. You've worked so hard over the last few weeks, maybe the story needs time to settle?


  4. Thank you for all the laughing -- assuming it's the with me not at me kind. I wish I was the type to leave things alone when they start going pear shaped but not me. I like to pick and pick and pick until there's practically nothing of value left. I'm a nail biter too you might have guessed.