Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm Not a Very Good Writer

Nothing like not considering your words well enough before you have them published is there?

That's the power of the rewrite--or in my case the many many MANY rewrites it takes before I think something that came out of my brain MIGHT be heading somewhere close to the point of being not so sucky that I could possibly, maybe start to consider sending it to an editor. Yes, I'm still rewriting THAT scene that I was working on two weeks ago. I'm up to a version I'm calling Wedding Scene Take 4 now, but bear in mind each version has been played with so many times I must be on take 24 by now. Soon I'm going to have to create a new folder just for the rewrite documents. Gee, it's fun being a perfectionist.

I'm not participating in Nanowrite this year because I had NaOct, but I'm using the Nano deadline to force myself to get these rewrites done. I can't imagine which version of the book I'll be on by then, but hopefully it will only need editing, not major rewriting, by Dec 1. This is the dream. What keeps me going is one of my favourite writing quotes. It's by James A Michener, the master of the epic historical novel (he must have spent years in rewrites): "I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter."

Touche James. Touche.



  1. Ooh how embarrassing!

    Good luck with those rewrites - I usually have the opposite problem... I don't do enough rewrites. I'm not doing NaNo either but am trying to finish my current mss in that time!! Considering I've only got about 10k to SHOULD be manageable!


  2. I'm with you, I'm never happy with what I write. It's never ready to send out to an editor but when the CP says it is then it goes and I know I'll never let it go otherwise.
    Gook luck with the rewrites.

  3. 10k sounds easy Rach, but you never know what's going to happen with little ones (and one on the way), do you?

    Rhian it sounds like you really need that crit partner. The babies have to be sent out into the world sometime.

  4. I agree Sami. I am not satisfied with anything I write. My current wip, is so so. lol

    I am like you, I have to undertake many rewrites before I'm satisfied.

    Suz :)