Thursday, 1 January 2009

Goodbye 2008

I've had a good year. I'm not Chinese but my last name is Lee so perhaps it had something to do with whole lucky number 8 thing, as the digit seems to have popped up a few times in relation to good things--in particular birthdays and children.

Cherub was born on the 18th (come on, it counts) in the year 2008, was a healthy weight at over 8 pounds and I spent the succeeding few days in bed number 8. My birthday is on the 8th of the same month as Cherub's and Princess was actually due on the 8th of June, 2005, but decided she wasn't coming out. I was supposed to have her on the 18th, the day they induced me, but she wasn't coming out then either, so ended up arriving by force on the 19th (just). If she had come when she was supposed to, all our birthdays would have been somehow related to the number 8. Spooky. And lucky? So far so good on the kidlet front so fingers crossed.

Other highlights of the year include the publication of my first menage story--as if you didn't know. Chasing Sunset is still lingering around the tail end of the MBaM bestseller list 3 weeks after release--at number 7 actually. Wouldn't it have been poetic if it had been at number 8? Ha, I'm sure I'll get there, probably tomorrow. Thanks to anyone and everyone who bought the book, your support it much appreciated.
I'm also going to count my M&B rejections as highlights. Yeah, it sounds strange. The detailed positive rejection gave me a boost, while the less detailed, not so positive no I received on my follow up submission mystified me somewhat. The silver lining out of that is I think I've finally realised M&B might just be my round hole. You know, and I'm the square peg. What did you think I meant? I'm taking a break from submitting to them--perhaps permenantly--and directing my energies into other endeavours. More on that when I work out my goals for this year.

Also, let's not forget I wrote the rough draft of a novel length story in under three weeks, a HUGE speed increase for me. Mind you, that was back in October and I'm still rewriting that sucker. Gotta love that perfectionism. And I have to include the print releases of my other two books, Born Again Virgin and Fijian Fling. I have books in print. Pretty cool, no?

So I guess that's a top five. I didn't number them because I didn't think I had five highlights, but turns out I was shamefully pessimistic. From print books to rejections to successful releases and babies, 2008 has been a cracker of a year. Thanks to all those who've been here with me and I look forward to your company in 2009!



  1. Sami - congrats on a fantabulistic year!!! Here's to more publications and more fun in 2009!
    Love Rach!

  2. Sami you have done very well. Congratulations and all the best for the New Year. I love your fireworks photograph.
    Hope all is well,

    Suz :)