Saturday, 7 February 2009

How Did We Cope?

Well only four days over my intended deadline I finally 'finished' Sunset Knight. Was able to type THE END anyway (last Wednesday 4th Feb) and it is currently residing with a trusted friend who will give me the good or bad news on whether it really is finished or if it still needs rewriting. I'm expecting the latter but am still happy with my overall achievement -- from go to woah I wrote a 60k novel that I'm relatively happy with in just over 4 months. This is faster than I've ever done it before and considering Christmas came in the middle and I have two littlies now, I think that's plenty speedy enough for me. All this without an outline or any true idea of where I was going, which is my preferred method, if you can call it that. Hell, it might just be my only method.

Yay for me. The downside is I'm utterly shattered. Had the past two days off writing and spent some time reading for a change, figuring I would take a break from my computer. Not so simple, as it turned out. When did it happen -- when did almost my entire life take up residence on my hard drive? Writing is only one thing I do on the trusted laptop. I might not be creating romance masterpieces at the moment, but am still a slave to Bill Gates' empire.

Top five reasons I can't live without my laptop:

1. Writing of course. Once upon a time I used to do it by hand in exercise books. I even used to cover the finished product in pretty paper and design a book cover. Boy I had a lot of time on my hands BC (before children).

2. Syncing my ipod (I'm so down with the lingo). Only five years ago if I wanted to have music while walking I had to take my portable CD player, this huge thing strapped to my waist that skipped every time I tried to jog (at least that was my excuse for not jogging. I'm sticking to it).

3. Reading. I'm so into ebooks now. Love the variety of length, genre, style available from publishers like Samhain, and a few others that I won't mention because Samhain is the BEST of course. Grin.

4. Emailing. To think, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, if I wanted to rant and rave to a friend about my life, ask advice, get info or make enquiries of any kind, I had to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone. I love the lazier, less requirement for meaningless chit-chat, email method of communication. Call me anti-social.

5. Surfing. I wish I could be cool and coordinated enough to be able to do the real kind, but my sense of balance ain't impressive. You know I'm talking about the lazy type of surfing. I love visiting industry blogs the most, other authors' websites and searching for random info whenever a question arises.

I'm also building a new website, which hopefully will be unveiled in the next month or two. So much to do, so much that couldn't be done without technology. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing...?



  1. OMG!!!
    I'm so with you one this one.
    Imagine what it was like when I went to Oz and was without my laptop for about 3 weeks!!!!
    Not pretty, not pretty at all.

  2. I wouldn't survive 3 weeks Rhian. No way.