Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Procrastinate Much?

We're six weeks + and counting now. That's how long it's been since I've written anything new and I'm still procrastinating by writing this blog post. I know I have to get back into it, write a short story or something to get the juices flowing again, but the blank page is taunting me. It's not writer's block exactly. It's more writer's laziness. I like watching old movies, reading other people's books, surfing the Net for no official purpose and that's how I've been spending my limited spare time lately. If I start writing again I'll have to give all that up because I don't have enough hours in the week to do both. Relaxation can be addictive.

I once saw an interview with actress Sally Field. It was years ago, when she seemed to be in every movie and nominated for every award out there and she was doing project after project. The journalist asked her how she kept going and she answered something along the lines of 'I'm afraid if I slow down I'll stop altogether. And if I stop, I might never get going again.' I was only about 16 but for some reason those words resonated with me. On some level I knew I was the same way. When I get going I can be like a whirlwind, doing 50 things at once at a pace that leaves bystanders baffled. But when I stop? Let's just say, stopping is dangerous for me.

How do you get started when you're in the mood to procrastinate?

On the good news front, the diet (ah, healthy eating plan) continues successfully despite a rather indulgent Easter. So far, so good, Weight Watchers.

Weight lost this week: 1kg

Total loss to date: 6kg

Pages written this week: 0.0000

Random websites visited for no reason: 287



  1. It's hard sometimes. But by force I do it. :) My mind won't stop and if I don't write I feel lost now. It's strange. I think being a part of my life it just happens. Oh I know Sami, it's called routine. I have times when I sit down and write, days I just be at my computer and it happens. And I can profess at being lazy at not surfing the net, not posting on other's blogs, or even visiting face book. It's called locked in writing land. :) I do come out occasionally. Like now, and in two days time I reward myself and go out to shop and coffee and meet with friends. :)

  2. I started this thing where I shut the internet off, yes including emails for at least 3 hours a day. I of course have more time at the computer than you but maybe you need to shut it off and after you've written for a certain length of time or done a certain number of words you're allowed back on. Reward yourself. I'm sure that once you get started you won't be able to stop.