Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back Safely

Yes I survived the driving holiday with the family better than expected. The kids were surprisingly amenable to the whole thing, probably because we broke the trip up into bite-sized pieces. A LOT of driving, visiting and eating (oops) later, I'm back on home turf.

Thought I'd share with you this picture I took at the Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran (Never thought I'd go to any place with so many syllables outside of Wales, but there you have it). See if you can spot what ticked me off.

Am I the only one who becomes homicidal over misused apostrophes? On a sign erected by the Aust Government no less!!!!! GRRRR! For shame, for shame.

On the writing front, I bought a couple of writing books, that counts as work. And I might be starting something. Sort of. Maybe. Not holding breath.

Weight lost on holiday: Ahhh, lost. Right.
Weight gained on holiday: 1kg. Long suffering sigh :(
Tantrums thrown on holiday: 32
Tantrums thrown by the kids: Between poor grammer on public signs to those scales that I swear are FAULTY, I was too busy throwing my own to count.


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