Monday, 25 May 2009

Okay, So Getting There...

Have managed to add some sidebar stuff, and changed templates again. This one suits me a little better. Still have some things to do and fix, so it might all change again.

Otherwise having an okay day for a Monday. Except for the fact hubby rang this morning to tell me I left my purse and phone in his car, which he has of course taken to work. Was supposed to run errands this morning but with no money it would have been a fruitless trip. Fiddled with the blog instead, and watched half of the Jane Austen Book Club, as much as I could until Cherub woke from her nap and Princess got bored with playing in her room. She's been learning to play 'snap' at the moment. Next is Texas Hold'em for cash. I'll set her up for school next year; might save myself some lunch money.

Off to make a curry now. Low fat, of course.

Weigh in day today--lost another kilo. Woohoo. 7 down, 8 to go.



  1. Good luck finding the right template for you Sami. It sure does take it's time. It's looking good. Oh and thanks for the link to my site.

  2. Hi Sami,
    Can I come for tea. I just love curry... actually I'm going to have curry tonight as well. :)

    Your site is a lovely colour and vibrant.

    All the best,