Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Collage Schmolage

Spent the better part of last week trying the collaging thing, in a desperate attempt to force one of the many vague story ideas I have to crystalize in my mind. Princess thought it was fun, my take on it? Big. Fat. Timewaster. I was going to take a photo of what I ended up with and post it, but all I've got is a bunch of ripped out pictures that have now been stuffed into an envelope. I lost interest at the gluing stage. I didn't like collaging at school, so what was I thinking? Only that I didn't want to dismiss something recommended by Jenny Crusie without at least giving it a bash. I may try it again in future, but for now it seems like yet another way I can allow myself to procrastinate, so screw it.

Now I'm left with one previously vague idea that is coming into sharper focus on its own, but it brings up several questions. Like; Is the rich girl/bodyguard trope ridiculously cliche, or a timeless classic? Is it any fresher if the bodyguard is part Korean? And why the hell does he look Korean to me? I have no experience with Korean/Australian people, but I swear there's a definite Koreanishness to him. Yeah, that's a word.

Off to do some research to see if I can make that work. The pic looks promising, and does Hugh look slightly Asian there or is it just me?

weight lost the past 2 weeks: 1.5kg. Woohoo! 10% of overall body weight now gone and fitting back into size 12 jeans. Happy, happy day. Have been celebrating by drinking wine and eating avocado and cheese on toast. Probably not wise :).


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  2. Wow, Sami - how much weight are you losing?
    That is amazing.

    So sorry. I know you said a whole lot in this blog, but I lost concentration when I saw (a very unAsian)looking Hugh.