Sunday, 26 July 2009

Weekly Round Up

I've rejoined the plan--the weight watchers plan that is. After a slight hiccup with my credit card that saw me locked out of the website (read: point counter) and a month's worth of near-naughtiness, I've somehow managed not to stack on the weight. Am now going to attempt to shed these last 5-6kg to reach my goal weight.

Good God I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I know healthy eating is a good thing, but when you really want a treat apples just don't cut it. I want nachos. There's just no satsifactory low fat version of nachos, more's the pity.

Other than that? Recently bought used car, purchased as replacement for rust heap with issues, has unforseen issues of its own--namely a faulty alternator. Oh crap. Freezer refused to close the other night, so had to go into emergency defrost mode. All meat and ice cream stored in Eskies outside overnight, and just to prove it really does get cold in Queensland, all meat goods still frozen in the morning. The ice cream, sadly, did not make it. Collatoral damage. Washing machine, which has had a difficult time understanding the meaning of the word 'spin' of late, pleaded complete ignorance on the same day the freezer declared itself overloaded. Hubby went about dismantling the thing (I know, frightening), and now it seems to be spinning again. Which is good because drip drying in winter is not the easiest of tasks. I'm the proud owner of a handyman, yip yoo.

Lastly, Cherub, who has turned the big 01, went for her celebratory shots yesterday. Somehow the only person walking away from the experience with a lollypop was the Princess (who is currently asleep on the lounge after many protests she did not need an afternoon nap). Poor mite. This after she had a decidedly less artistic birthday cake than her older sister (still yummier than an apple though)

All's about as it usually is on Sunday night at Sami's house.

Have a good week,



  1. Sami, your apple looks much better then the one on my desk. 5kg's is my current target as well. Life is quite a challenge. If I can strip the weight so can you, especially so if your apple snacks come from that tree. ---- I'll race you; I’ll be back to brag in 5kgs. ---- Oh and thank you for the novels, they're wonderful. ----- Eric