Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lucky You

If you haven't read Chasing Sunset yet, shame on you. Just kidding. Maybe you haven't gotten around to buying it yet, or you've been thinking it's not your sort of thing. How would you know right?

Well it's your lucky day. As part of Samhain's Discover New Authors programme you can now download the first half of the novella for free. Not just an excerpt, not the first chapter--the whole first half of the book. That's a pretty good deal isn't it? If you hate it you never have to buy the second half--no royalties for me boo hoo. But I'll never know so what's the harm hey? Just don't email me and tell me you hated it please. That's something I don't need.

If you're interested, just hop to the samhellion, and the link's there on the first page. I don't think you have to be signed up to the newsletter itself to download the pdf (but if so it only takes a couple of minutes and all you get is one digital newsletter a month that has loads of good articles in it. No spam, I promise).

So go forth and read :).


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