Sunday, 30 August 2009

Stuff in the Works

Looks like I may have a brand spanking new cover to show off very soon--yay! I've also just sent another round of edits back, final line edits this time so am getting very near the end stage of editing process on Sunset Knight. November 3 is release day so only two months to go.

Have also decided to set myself a challenge, one which may prove unachievable but which I will attempt nonetheless. I'm going to have my very own little book-in-a-month challenge in September. I have a novella idea that's quite different from anything else I've tried, and which is only coming to me in chunks of dialogue and moody scenery. None of which make much chronological sense, but I know how it starts and I know how it ends... it's all that stuff in the middle that's a little murky. So lets see if I can make something of it in a month. All I'm aiming for is to have all the scenes down on paper, something I can stitch together into a meaningful story afterward. Wish me luck.

Believe in thyself



  1. Oh, Sami, I cannot WAIT to see the new novella!

    Can I read it first? Please? PLEASE?


  2. The way it's going so far, I'd rather you wrote it for me!

  3. Wishing you luck!! I need a kick up the pants myself at the moment, so maybe I should join ya! Ah.... then again... maybe not :)