Thursday, 10 September 2009

Plodding Along

Am still determined to get something down on paper for my self-imposed September writing challenge. I've managed 3000+ words since Monday, which isn't bad for me. The trouble is I can't add them to last weeks words because I changed stories. Oh yeah, you knew I would. That last attempt sucked way too much. Unfixable. Dumb idea to begin with. The only thing worse than spending a week writing a bad book is spending a week and one day on it (go Dr Phil).

So I'm getting there... sort of. Hunting around the blogs in my spare time (ha!) I found that Book Thingo are doing a reading challenge--as many books as you can read in September. I was very tempted--very. That sounded like a brilliant way to avoid my own challenge and still call it educational. In a rare bout of wisdom I have decided against it. But perhaps others may be interested, it sounds like a fun thing to do.
BTW does anyone else have false nails? I've never had them in my life but decided to treat myself for the conference, as I have a relative who does them cheap for me. They look great, and since my hands have been ravaged by constant washing since I had kids and I've never really kicked the nail-biting habit, it's been a pleasant change. I feel almost glamorous (yes, quite a change). But I can't type for shit. I have to keep going back and making corrections because my nails get in the way and make mistakes all their own. It's annoying and is slowing me down. I'm a milimetre away from ripping them off but am still holding out hope I and my laptop will get used to them. Anyone else had this problem?
Who's still waiting patiently for new cover to get the go ahead.


  1. You need to keep those nails trimmed down. I've got 'real' long ones and when they get just that little bit too long I get two for one on the keyboard. LOL
    Great going on the words. Any are better than known, even the ones you throw out.

  2. I couldn't stand it anymore--I chopped them off. Can't let anything get in the way of the typing.