Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Cave

Posts have been a little lazy on Sami's Scribbles of late, I admit. I've been busy whoring around the place, posting at the Divas and The Romantix weekly (nearly every week). I'd usually have plenty to say here too (oh, yeah, I'm full of things to say), but I've actually been getting some writing done.

Halle-fucking-lujah. Is that blasphemy?

Anyway, I've been in the cave, otherwise known as glued to the laptop. I got something like 8-9000 words typed over the past 4 days. Doesn't sound like much to some people (looking at you Rhian Cahill, with your 'thought I'd get a few k done before bed' talk), but for me? With my recent track record? This is bloody brilliant. And yes, technically this is supposed to be a second draft because I'm copying the words from my rough notebook version... but I've changed basically everything and haven't even glanced at the notebook. You knew I would. So I'm counting them as brand new words. Dancing the happy dance tonight and going to sleep well, because I actually love this book at the moment. Yipee.

So if I do a few more lazy posts over the next couple of weeks, forgive me. I'm sort of doing my own version on Nano. I haven't signed up and neither have I any intention of writing 50000k. But I do aim to get the second draft of this novella (I see it's going to end up around 35-40000 at least), down by the end of the month. I don't want to risk stopping to think about what I'm doing and hence inviting the ol' writer's anxiety back in. No way.

And if there are any spelling mistakes in this post, it's because I ain't gonna spell check it for ya.




  1. Hey, I don't write that much all the time! This is me in freak out mode cause I know between now and Christmas I have to write every chance I get cause there won't be many.
    And I can't wait to read this one! I've been hangin' out for one of your hero's since Brody. *grin*

  2. Still cooking RC, still cooking...