Monday, 31 January 2011

What I Reckon This Week

1. Alex O’Loughlin is hot hot hot. I wanna move to Hawaii Channel 10. Seriously.

2. Matel trying to reinvent Barbie as a symbol of feminism in their new add insults my intelligence. Maybe she has had 125 careers. She still appears to be dressed to interview for a job as porn star.

3. The new facebook profile I was asked and then forced to adopt, is no better than the old facebook profile. My guess is new Twitter is the same as old twitter, but with more stuff to learn.

4. Writing a book takes as long as it takes. Sometimes you gotta sleep.

5. ‘Value’ is a fictional construct. $400 worth of calls is only worth $400 if you’re willing to pay $400, which no one is. They’re only willing to pay $49 capped.


  1. What is with that advert!! Made no sense to me. It certainly would not make me buy a barbie.

    Oh dear, did you get a big phone bill or just someone trying to persuade you to change plans.


  2. He he. Hubby is getting a new phone plan. It's incredible what the companies claim you're getting for your money.