Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hump Day Honey

I've amassed quite a collection of man pics over the years, all in the name of research of course. Romance writers are always on the lookout for good hero material. Thought I would start sharing the fruits of my labour.

The first official Hump Day Honey is: BEN AFFLECK

Born: August 15 1972

First film credit: The Dark End of the Street (1981)

Most recent movie: The Town

I liked Ben best in: Forces of Nature (with Sandra Bullock)

In relationship with: Married to Jennifer Garner, two kids. A regular family man who's super hot, cares about political and social issues and has lots and lots of money. Definite hero material there :)


Very disappointed I couldn't post my scheduled Motivation Monday quote. Really, I start an honest to God schedule and Google Blogger craps itself. In the meantime, perhaps Ben will motivate you. I know he does me :)


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  1. Thanks for the motivation!
    I sure needed it today...