Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Word for Wednesday


intr.v. futzed, futz•ing, futz•es Slang

To waste time or effort on frivolities; fool. Often used with around: Don’t futz me around, I’m a romance author.

Origin of FUTZ

perhaps part modification, part translation of Yiddish arumfartsn zikh, literally, to fart around

First Known Use: circa 1930

(Another explanation is that the word futz is a blend of fuck and putz. What a fantastic use of language this is! I love it!)

Futz is also the name of a 1969 Movie, the summary of which is: Sexual satire about a young farmer who has had many bad experiences with women. He showers love and affection upon his pet pig, Amanda, saying she alone is worthy to be his wife. His "marriage" to Amanda causes a scandal in the community.

Obviously, that was back when man/pig love wasn’t as accepted as it is now.

Lastly, Futz is the name of a cartoon “based on the whacked-out, comedic adventures of one odd-looking, yet strangely appealing, little man-boy. Futz is ready for ANYTHING... but prepared for NOTHING!”

Sounds like me. Ah, except for the little man-boy description. What exactly is a little man-boy anyway? And does he look anything like Justin Bieber?


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