Thursday, 4 August 2011

Great Article

So with the tail end of this flu and a general case of exhaustion, I didn't get to my Wednesday post. Meh. Let's face it my schedule idea was always going to face tough opposition from my disorganised self :).

Stopping in to say that if anyone hasn't yet gone to read Kate Cuthbert's guest spot over at the Down Under Divas, please do. It's fantastic, and I agree with Jess Dee that the world needs more Kates. Certainly, the romance genre could do with an army of champions like her. She wrote an article that should be read by everyone too. If you've ever hidden your romance cover inside that of another book or acted like somebody else left that M&B novel behind in your house and you simply haven't gotten around to chucking it yet, you'll relate to Kate's thoughts. I only wish I could put it so eloquently myself.


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