Friday, 9 September 2011

From the Vault--Loveswept Books!

Bantam Doubleday Dell has relaunched its former, much loved (by me) line of Loveswept titles as digital releases! Well, not all of them, but here's hoping. I used to LOVE these books back in the day, which was long before the e book revolution gave romance readers a much wider variety of romance novels to choose from. Loveswept was pretty much the only line offering an alternative to Harlequin in the '80s, if you wanted short category titles. I always found the Loveswept books a little edgier, the characters a little more down to earth than what Hqn was offering (not that I didn't devour a few Harlequins with relish--especially the Temptations. Hmm, perhaps Hqn can re-release some of my old pink cover favs as digital books. My brain is sending out vibes as I type...)



  1. Thanks Sami -- I think you'll really love our debut with Jessica Scott too -- very emotional story. Thanks for promoting the line - SueG

  2. They've launched the line already?
    I hadn't realized. Thanx for the link.