Sunday, 12 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Born Again Virgin 1

I thought this week it might be fun to go back to where it all started, my first ever published novel that was released through Samhain Publishing in 2007. Wow, I only had one toddler back then, now I have a kid in grade two and another turning 4 this year. It seems like ages ago I got that email letting me know I'd finally written something someone wanted to publish. Oh, the nostalgia of it :).

Hope you enjoy this snippet from Born Again Virgin:

She’d taken leave of her senses, obviously. She must have left them in the car. Why on earth had she asked KD to stay for dinner?

She sat across from him at the small outdoor table on her back verandah, the warm twilight air creating the kind of intimate atmosphere that only those close to each other usually shared. The wooden table seemed an inadequate and easily surmountable barrier between them. Funny, when she’d been sitting across from Stefan at lunch this very day, she hadn’t fought down the insane urge to swipe their crockery off the surface, scramble on all fours atop the table and shove her tongue down his throat.

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  1. LOL, love it! Great evocation of mood and her internal thoughts!

  2. Great excerpt, Sami. No wonder Samhain wanted it.

  3. Love it! I could see the scene so clearly (both the 'real' one and the one in her mind).