Sunday, 5 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Erica's Choice # 3

There'll be a big cover reveal happening here soon, but this will be my final installment of the Erica's Choice snippets for a while, I'll move on to something else next week. But I thought it only fair to post a scene from the beginning of the book that's in Erica's POV, since I've already featured both the heroes. So here goes - this is Erica after Griff has just suggested she might want to indulge in a little three-way action. Enjoy

Erica glanced toward the bar to see Corey still waiting for the drinks. As though sensing her scrutiny, he turned and met her gaze. His smile was hot with promise, making Erica throb with awareness. Her mind raced with possibilities that Griff made more vivid with his rumbling words. “What do you think? Reckon he’ll be willing to share you?”
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  1. I love hot with promise. Great six.

  2. Seems like she's really thinking about her possibilities. I bet she says yes! Great snippet.

  3. Great six. Makes me want to keep reading!