Saturday, 9 February 2008

Latest Review

I was told several months ago that JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) had reviewed Fijian Fling. I read the review, it was very nice and detailed too. However it was not yet uploaded onto their site so I couldn't announce or link to it.Well at last they have uploaded the review onto their site. Yay! Tallyn Porter has reviewed it and said some nice things about it. So once again tooting horn...

Sami Lee has created a delightfully sensual, emotionally intense and romantic tale about two people whose light hearted affair becomes a great deal more... I really enjoyed the detailed scenery in this story making me feel like I was definitely in a paradise atmosphere; all that’s missing is a margarita in my hand. Fijian Fling definitely provides the sandy beach, paradise resort and a hot romance! What more can you ask for?

And apparently my shower scene is 'yummy'. I never suspected one little shower scene would create such a stir - especially considering I wasn't going to put one in. But as my characters had just been swimming I thought 'yuk, all that salt', and figured they'd have to wash it off before anyone should put their mouth anywhere or I just wouldn't be able to stop thinking about sand being stuck in all the wrong places. My pragmatic side coming to the fore. I always figured it hampered my love scenes, if anything. Perhaps not.


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