Sunday, 16 March 2008

New Blogs and Early Mornings

Welcome to my new, re-vamped blog. I've been running this one simultaneous to my old blog at in order to make comparisons on features, ease of use, stuff like that. The other one was driving me NUTS because it was so difficult to use, and yesterday I typed this whole blog and then the site had a meltdown and I lost it all. So today I have moved here in a snit. I'll be posting here from now on. I hope you change me on your favourites list and keep in touch (I assume I'm on your favourites list. Why wouldn't you be?)

As for the early morning experiment, it hasn't gone all that well. It seems the barest rustling of my sheets or the very quiet blipping of the laptop signals to all and sundry, canine and human, that it is time to get up, which isn't helpful at all from a writing perspective. My days have merely been starting earlier and I've averaged about 300 words on each of these early mornings. Argh.

This week I'm going to try nights. I'm planning to use an age old mental stimulate to get my brain funtioning when it otherwise would prefer not to. Yep, chocolate.
Makes sense to me.
Cheers from my new space


  1. Hi Sami,
    Well I found you, thankfully. Love your new look blog. I'm off to make the necessary changes.
    Hope your writing is firing ahead.
    Suz :)

  2. Hey Sami.
    Good luck with the new blog.
    It looks pretty cool.

  3. Love the new look - but especially love the 'Sugar and Spice...'

    I'd be hopeless in mornings, so I'm trying the night thing too but I'm pretty crap at that too. I've found I do my best work when I've got targets - like NaNoWriMo and BIAW!! or Word Wars!!

  4. Hey, welcome to blogspot. I've been using it for years and its pretty reliable.

    I've started writing at night. And she-who-can-only-write-in-rarified-silence has discovered, to her utter gobsmacked amazement that, if she plugs herself into very loud music it shuts off her internal editor and she can write for hours. Seriously. Just fininshed 1,800 words in two hours. Am shattered and teetering on the verge of ranting, but aat least work is actually progressing.

    On the downside I get so hyped it takes me a while to unwind and sleep.