Saturday, 5 April 2008

Erotic Features

Princess Two is screaming in her room as I type, upset about having been told not to do something or other by her father. It's nap time you see, and she's so exhausted she might even sleep today. Here's hoping. There was no sleep going on yesterday afternoon.

I have been featured at The Romance Studio, where they've done a little interview and posted an excerpt etc. from Born Again Virgin. I'm right down the bottom of the page, and yes, that's a photo of ME there. Not a fan of having photos of self posted on Internet, or in fact displayed anywhere in the house, but there you have it. I've put the feature in the 'Blue' section of their site, which is the 18+ section, based on the fact that the book has been referred to as erotic romance before. I've talked about this on my other blog - about the line between what is simply spicy and what it truly erotic and exactly where it lies. I'm still not sure BAV fits in the erotic genre but I err on the side of caution. One person's romance is another's porn I guess.

There's no such confusion about my current WIP, something I haven't spoken about yet. I still don't want to say too much, other than there'll be no mistaking which category it falls into should it be published. It's capital E for Erotic. And almost done, first draft wise. Aiming to be finished with that this weekend (although I can hear Princess has calmed down but still not sleeping. I count no chickens). Re-writes next week, hopefully.

Here's a couple of the pics I've been using for inspiration:

And yes, there are two different guys there. Two different naked guys. 'Nuff said on that for now.

Have a good weekend,



  1. OMG! TWO?
    Hey the more the merrier. Gotta love the idea of TWO guys totally focused on my pleasure.
    Hope the little one sleeps a little! LOL

  2. Ooohhh.. can't wait to read this one!!

  3. Awww, your pikkie is so preety. At least you don't look like that chickie above you who sent in a photo of the back of her head.

    Those two fellows on your blog make me go all shivery. I'm deciding if this is good or bad. Hmm.

    My word verification is qotua - anagram of quota - yes even the word verification fairy is telling me to STOP SURFING THE INTERNET AND DO SOME SODDING WORK.

  4. Luverly interview, Sam, and good on you for posting a pic. (Luverly pic too, Sami.)

    Now talking about pics, can you post more of those inspirational photos you inserted into this blog. I too found them very...inspirational.