Tuesday, 25 March 2008

It's Finally Here!

The print release of Born Again Virgin that is. The book is now available for purchase in the US through Amazon and MBaM. The links are on my Samhain sales page, as well as on my website. It will also be available through several specialist romance bookstores in Australia, such as Everafter in Woollongong, where the very efficient staff have already listed the book for sale. There should be more stores featuring it in their catalogues soon, so I'll keep you posted.

I can't believe I have my own paperback book for sale. Yay!

To mark the occasion, I'll be a guest blogger at Romance Junkies. Today actually, in US time so precise time when the blog will be posted is unknown. I should definitely be there late tonight and/or early tomorrow morning to respond to comments, so pop on over if you have the time. You can also win a copy of the print book there, if you play your cards right.

That's big enough news for one day I think. Have caught a coughing bug from Princess and am feeling very tired and sorry for self. Here endeth the blog post.



  1. Hi Sami, I saw your post at SamhainCafe and followed your links. The book looks great. I put a longer post on the cafe. I will try to get over for your chat. No guarantees. My cable keeps dropping the internet.

  2. Hey there!!

    What a HUGELY EXCITING moment for you! Am eating chocolate and drinking my poison right now to celebrate (I know, I know it's only 9.30am, but I'm making an exception and drinking my one Diet Coke a day early - just for you!)

    Will pop over to Romance Junkies!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Chocolate and diet coke... the perfect combination.

  4. Damn it! I still haven't gotten time to open the ebook. Fingers crossed it happens in the next week. I swear I'm getting to it, honest, I soooo want to read it but I gota finish the last competition book first. sigh
    Too many books not enough time. Or money!

  5. Hi Sami
    Congrat's on your book release, the cover looks fantastic. I'm sure it will be a hugh success.

  6. Woo Hoo - that is so fabulous and exciting... can't wait to read it!



  7. Thanks for all the well-wishes guys.

  8. OMG!
    Sami, I missed this completely.
    I am so, so, so excited for you. What an unbelievable thrill.
    Raising a glass of cyber champers to you.