Monday, 25 August 2008

Getting (Re)started

I've made an attempt to get back into some writing the past week. Intending to take things very slowly at this stage - not much choice on that score, anyway. Am finding myself very motivation rich but time poor. Definitely ready to get stuck in but, fussy babies aside, it's also overwhelming to think of all the things I would like to get done, and get done pronto.

So in the spirit of giving myself permission to achieve small goals and hope they eventually pool together and make larger ones, I've decided to list my five biggest writing achievements of the week. Gosh, hope I can think of five WRITING achievements. Getting dressed in the morning and brushing my hair doesn't count (even though I probably should get credit for that):

  1. Wrote a query letter to M&B London, enquiring after status of my ms, which has now been holidaying at their lovely offices for going on 15 months. Must have seen the sights of London by now. Actually also SENT the letter. Have been known to avoid post office like proverbial plague, so this is a big deal.

  2. Wrote a synopsis for follow up ms which they will surely ask for the second my initial ms is accepted :).

  3. Edited first three chapters of Sabrina's Secret.

  4. Read through The Honeymoon Effect, admiring handywork, adding occasional comma and experiencing surprisingly few 'what was I thinking?' moments. Perhaps if I read it on more sleep I'll be more suitably horrified. Time will tell.

  5. Hmm..... If only the category was called top fours. Okay, I read two whole romance novels. Short categories, but still, two whole books. Come on, it's research (at least that's what I tell the tax man). It was either that or point five was going to have to be 'wrote this blog'. Not sure which one of those is a bigger cheat.

There you have it, evidence of actual writing work done.

Now, writing this blog has completely sapped me of already scarce supply of energy. Time to put back the recliner for Nanna Nap before littlest cherub starts complaining (Princess rarely stops).




  1. LOL
    You doing stuff, even if it is just 'little' things. You've done more than me in the 'writing' department. Mind you I did do the Clayton's so that's gotta count, right?
    Great to see you out and about.

  2. I meant to do the Claytons as well but had a hectic weekend with the girls so no dice. Hope it was fun.

  3. Sorry you didn't make it to the Clayton's, but even though I'd warned Hubby and given strict instructions not to interrupt me unless someone was dead I still have moments where I had to go MIA. We won't mention cat vomit in my lap.

  4. Hi Sami,
    Missed you at the conference this year, but hopefully will catch up at the Brissy one.
    You have been so busy, good on you. I have being polishing and polishing. Will sub sometime this week, and fingers crossed another one next week.


  5. YAY! You're writing again.
    Looking very forward to the next Sami Lee novel.