Monday, 13 October 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms

My laptop's AC adaptor has died. I didn't know I was using battery power until the battery ran flat because I didn't check the little battery symbol thingy on the screen and as per usual I did a bit of work and then had to go off and deal with some crisis or another and left the computer plugged in, thus running out the entire battery so now I can't even start up my laptop until I get the AC adaptor replaced.

You'd think that'd be simple, wouldn't you? Oh, no. I take my beloved to the computer repair place only to be informed that I have to buy my adaptor direct from the company. Hubby goes on line to discover you can't buy this particular part on line (everything else but not this). There is a dedicated store near his work, so I ring them and no, they don't stock spare parts (what do they stock? I wonder in bemusement. Gold fish?). I'm given a 1800 number to call. I dial and speak to a couple of lovely people who I'm sure are residing in Bombay. I am told the part will cost over $100 to replace and take possibly 10 days to arrive.

It's a friggin' power cord, not the Hope diamond. Why do they make these things so difficult?

I informed my Indian friend that the situation I found myself in was not ideal, that the part seemed a little overpriced and a vague promise of a 5-10 day delivery time was not my best case scenario (I am sweetening my tone for this blog post you may have guessed). The wonderful message was relayed that this is the only way I can replace said part. I had no recourse. I either fork over the dough and wait the requisite time, hoping upon hope that perhaps tomorrow or the next day or the next will be the day the delivery person calls me to arrange to drop off my power chord some time between the convenient hours of 8am and 4pm. Oh Joy.

Fortunately we have a desktop computer so I'm not completely cut off, but it's just not the same. Not the same pages bookmarked, no outlook, no access to the absolute latest versions of my writing because I hadn't backed up for a couple of days. I can't survey havoc resulting from childish activities from my convenient central location at the dining table. I have to face facts.

I'm addicted to my laptop.

And like a damn junkie I paid the amount extorted and have settled in to wait.

Good God, I may have to do some housework (shudder).



    I know exactly what you mean. I got just a little twitchy in the US when my beloved PC was home all alone. I don't think I've moved from in front of it since we got back. LOL
    That cord drama is definitely a pain. And damn stupid too. But I guess when they hold what you want you gotta bend to their will. *sigh* It'll be here before you know it.

  2. We are a hyper addictive bunch us writers aren't we. Hope you had a great time in the states

  3. Oh My... I am feeling for ya honey!! I'd be lost without my laptop. Here's hoping the reunion is quicker than expected :)


  4. Hi Sami,
    I totally relate to what you are going through. I've had my computer off to the computer hospital a few times, but when my laptop lost it's cd drive five days ago I panicked.
    I use my laptop quite often to write sitting outside and find it has become more a part of me than my computer.
    And, when the Indian guy said it is no longer under warranty with us, it is with your extra warranty etc etc. I rang them. Well, they wanted me to pack it off and it would take weeks...or take it in to a guy in Port that gives me the creeps and usually he has no answer to when it will be fixed.

    Finally I explained to them what it was and I knew the registry files needed changing as downloading Windows update SP1 interfered with this.

    I knew what to do so why didn't they. I emailed Microsoft (it was their downloads that caused it in the first place) and the next day an email returned explaining how to fix the problem.. thank heavens. It was a matter of five minutes before the cd drive worked.
    You can understand also that my laptop wasn't doing the auto restore points. I couldn't undertake a system restore. So I made sure I did a full manual one when I had it running 100%.

    So I can relate that something so small they make out it's a damn mountain to climb
    Phew.. sorry for long post. :)

    Suz :)