Friday, 10 October 2008

Inspiration on Speed

I've had the most bizarre couple of weeks. Bizarre in a good way, at least I think so. I have been writing a book.
I'm not kidding. I wrote a book and finished it. I had my own little nano write month in October, which I suppose makes it naoct (not quite the same ring to it). There was no plan to this, but I've had this story in my head for a while now and it was really starting to bug me. Those characters were driving me bananas. Especially Brody, the big pushy brute. I'm sure if I wasn't a writer I'd be medicated.
I wrote a couple of pages intending to leave it at that but now, three weeks later I have 43,314 and it's done. DONE. Well except for all that pesky re-writing which is bound to take three times longer than the draft but I HAVE A DRAFT! A draft which I really hope I can turn into a book that will be the follow up to Chasing Sunset. Fingers Crossed. I haven't actually read any of it back yet so there's a good chance it's a lot crapper than I imagine right now (oops, negative thoughts interfering on euphoric moment. Oust thy wicked internal critic!).

I have decided to take this day to de-compress, stuff around on the blogs and check that my children are still breathing. I don't know how I wrote 43,000 in under three weeks but the fact that Princess Three has taken to napping in the afternoons again has really helped. Not to mention the Cherub, who has been sleeping through the night, thus providing me with the required mental capacity to string three words together. Yes that's right, she's a good sleeper. I know, freakishly lucky aren't I? (although I'm already worried my mentioning this good fortune out loud has jinxed it...)
Deep breath, in and out. So, what's been happening in your world? I heard there was a bit of commotion on the world stock exchanges...?

PS. I'm taking those damned picometers down. I never do what I'm supposed to so why pretend?


  1. Wohoo gal! You are ON FIRE!! Tell me your secret...


  2. Holy Crap Sami!

    43,000+ that is amazing. Truely a book dying to be written. How awesome are you??


  3. Woohooooo...
    Well done! And with little ones! You are rockin'!
    Now just send some of that good word sunshine this way.

  4. Wish I could share the gift, but the secret is a secret from me too. Have no idea how this happened. Read over what I'd done last night and had a Joan Wilder moment (Romancing the Stone). You know, crying and all cause the book was finished. I am officially living a cheesy 80's movie!