Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sharing the Blog Love

Many thanks to Rhian Cahill who nominated me as a blog she loves. Thanks Rhian! I'm supposed to go and nominate seven other blogs and let them know and do all this stuff, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me RC for skipping that part. All the blogs I visit regularly are on my blog roll if anyone wants to check any of them out, please do. I have one sick kid, one cranky one and I haven't written a word in a week. I'm all take and no give today.

PS... Go Wes Carr!!!!! He was the reason I overturned last year's decision to give up watching idol and what do you know, the most talented musician WON! Pick my jaw off the floor! I tried to embed a video of one of his performances but it's beyond my level of patience today. Go to you tube or the OZ idol site if you want to check him out.
Now to make MY dreams come true, I must try and write something today...


  1. I've heard so many Aussie's talk about Wes. I'm glad he seems to be the popular choice that has the talent to back it up.
    Sorry your little one is sick and the other cranky, hope they both improve soon.
    Sending the Word God over to shine on you today. Oh, and every other day too.

  2. Shew, Sami - I also didn't nominate anyone else. Hmmm. Do ya think that's the last time RC sends us any nice awards?

    You know what? Idol just passed me by this year. I watched the auditions and that's all. But when I saw Wes at his first audition, I said he'd win! (See? I should be a judge.)

  3. Thanks for the Word God RC, I got a little rewriting done -- a very little but better than none.

    I said a similar thing when I saw Wes's audition Jess. Except I said I HOPE he wins. My favourites have rarely made it through in the past but the stars aligned this year.