Friday, 5 December 2008

Blogging Elsewhere

I'm blogging over at Samhain today about the association between sex and food. I had a whole other topic in mind but for some reason--I blame my characters--I got sidetracked by the food/sex relationship. Hmm...
Have been largely ignoring blogland of late, due to time constraints, but will be traveling all around this week to promo the book, which comes out NEXT WEEK. Has that time flown or is it just me? Yet again I've opened my eyes and realised it's December, and my annual promise that I will complete all my Christmas shopping before the dreaded D-Month has been broken, which is my yearly tradition. I guess it's comforting to be able to count on something, even if it's the fact you can't count on me to be organised.
Have a great weekend,

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  1. I was late, but I did get to the Samhain blog to comment finally.

    BTW: One more day and Chasing Sunset s available.