Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Rolling and Reviews

Princess Three was a real mover. She rolled when she was three months old, and rolled and rolled and rolled... She was always bumping into the TV cabinet because she could only roll one way but you couldn't keep that one still. The cherub has other ideas. She looked like she was going to roll over about two months ago--turns out she was only thinking about it. She's been thinking for two months and finally, yesterday, she did it. I walked into the room and she was on her tummy laughing and looking very pleased with herself. Her good mood immediately darkened when she realised she couldn't roll back over. Baby steps little one, baby steps.

Speaking of achievements, Chasing Sunset is still number two on the MBaM list (yay), and I got a lovely 4 star review from Kimberley at ecataromance. So it's been a good week so far, despite the fact I had a bug yesterday and spent most of the day throwing up and sleeping. I've also got a Wiggles concert to look forward to on Friday. Not sure if that will end the week on a high note or not. I used to go see bands like Powderfinger, now I'm lining up for coloured skivvys. Who knew?



  1. Congrats for the review! I think Kimberley liked the book. LOL, She really raved about it.
    Oh, and congrats on the rolling too. That is quite an achievement.


  2. Yep.. Now if only she could roll back instead of crying and waiting for me to turn her over like a turtle (in reverse)

  3. Congrats on the review - that's fantastic!

    BTW - you'll enjoy the Wiggles concert - it was great. My 3yo DS spent the whole time dancing - it was sooo cute!

  4. Hi Joanne. The concert was today and actually we did have a lot of fun. The Princess was pretty wound up when we got home though, and fell asleep on her dinner a few hours ago!