Sunday, 25 January 2009

Game, Set, Match

I'm this close to finishing the latest WIP after--as you know--many, many rewrites. I've given myself a Jan 31 deadline and am racing to finish by that date. Not easy when the Oz Open is on to distract me. Federer winning a five setter today and Jelena Dockic on at the moment--to much to interest me on TV. But I'm here and working... most of the time.

(And now I find that live is never really live when I search the Oz Open site for pics only to find scores not yet reached on my 'live' TV broadcast. Have to get off the net so I won't be tempted to check again--Go Jelena!)


  1. Uh oh!
    Does Joy know you are distracted by the tennis?
    I'd hide from her if I were you.

    Cannot wait to see this new book of yours. (And you know I meant that literally. Send it through the second it's finished. Um, please?)


  2. Doing my best to combat the end of book neurosis Jess. Aren't you shameless, trying to get a sneak peek?