Thursday, 19 February 2009

Closet Dwellers

I'm blogging over at the Samhain Weblog today (midnight tonight Oz time, yesterday morning for the Americans), about being in or out of the closet. About romance writing that is. Feel free to drop by there and visit.

Am at my parents' house at the moment, visiting. Trying to settle two unwilling to be settled children more like it. This after a three hour drive, 2 hours of which were spent fielding the inevitable 'Why aren't we there yet?' questions. How come they always ask that one? I'm completely, as the Brits would say, shagged.



  1. Enjoy your visit with your family, Sami.
    Lucky you didn't have to travel for 8 hours on a plane, you'd be more than shagged.
    I'll pop over to the Samhain blog and leave you a comment.

  2. Yes I'm a wus aren't I? complaining about 3 hours. But it was a very long three hours...