Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Looks Can Be Deceiving

This is the view from my parents front yard. Isn’t it beautiful? You could just see yourself sitting on the veranda, drink in hand, relaxing as you watch the sunset. Right?

Wrong. Those trees you can see? Mangroves, otherwise known as mosquito breeding heaven. Here in paradise you cannot, CANNOT, venture outside without protection of insect repellent, burning mosquito coils and the benefit of at least one free hand (required for swatting). Anytime I make the trek outdoors I feel like I’m heading off to war. The mosquitoes are like low flying F111’s dive bombing with pin point accuracy, able to locate that one square inch of flesh you neglected to slather in RID. The big ones bite through material – denim no less, and the rest won’t balk at flying up your skirt, stinging you in places you really don’t want to start itching. I risked life and limb to take this photo, then dashed back inside faster than Indiana Jones sprinting away from that giant stone ball, yelling at someone to OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!!!. No way would I have gone back for my hat.



  1. ROFLMAO!!!
    I can picture it. Or more to the point you running for your life with a swarm of mosquitos following you. Kind of like those old cartoons with the bee hives and the dumba** that pokes it with a stick. LOL
    Hope you aren't too itchy.

  2. lol Mosquito's carry great risks these days, and I always believe in using insect repellent. Apparently they attack people more who are lacking in one of the B group vitamins. I'm not sure if that is a myth or not. My hubby goes out on the back veranda and mosquitos seem to seek him out. lol.. Sometimes I get bitten but not much. Perhaps your parents need to plant citronella plants, and lots of them.
    Btw, love the photograph. :)