Sunday, 19 July 2009

It's All Matt Moran's Fault

Sitting here watching Master Chef, on the edge of my seat looking at those girls scurry around the kitchen, with all those people staring, and cursing Matt Moran for bringing in the yummiest looking chocolate dish ever--a plate of choclate no less. So inspired, I had to trip to the pantry in search of my half remaining block of Old Jamaica. Hmmm.
In searching for a pic to go with the post, who knew I'd discover there's a whole blog dedicated to reviewing all sorts of chocolate. Holy smokes, it's my new favourite blog.
Would a bad review stop my trying a particular chocolate bar? I hear you ask. Empatically nay!
PS. Blogger is doing this weird thing where it won't let me put in paragraphs. They're right there on the post when I type, but disappear when I publish. Argggghhhh!

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