Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'm a Smart Bitch

Just about anyone who's met can confirm this. However on this occasion I'm not referring to my razor-sharp tongue and general snarky demeanour. I'm referring to my recent appearance on the Smart Bitches blog. Check it out.

There's a rather annoying reason for my moment of fame, however. Apparently no one in the US has been able to purchase any of Samhain's releases from last week through Amazon. The titles are 'blocked'. Seriously. I feel like DH Lawrence when the pillars of society shunned him for writing Lady Chatterly's Lover. I mean, BLOCKED. How bloody insulting.

The good news is if you have tried to purchase any of last weeks releases without success (of course I assume it would be MY book you've been trying to get, not Lorelei's. Not like the Smart Bitches who made no bones about which book THEY were interested in. Sigh), you're in luck. If you post on their blog you're in the running to win a book of your choice from those that have been sadly unavailable through Amazon--Amazon, Schmamazon. It took me months to get them to put up my cover art for Born Again Virgin too. Clearly they have a vendetta.

So if you still haven't purchased Sunset Knight, there's a chance you could win it over there. If you have already purchased my masterpiece, thanks! Maybe you want to pop over to Smart Bitches and win, oh, I don't know, LORELEI'S book. Go on, be like everyone else. I'm not upset. I'm not jealous of the massively popular, wonderfully talented, No 1 bestseller, Diva of the divine that is Lorelei James. NOT AT ALL.

Rant over. Envy subsiding with ingestion of chocolate...