Saturday, 14 November 2009

Is Three a Crowd?

I got a lovely review for Sunset Knight over at Book Junkie. Brande had some wonderful things to say, my favourite being:

"This is Brody and Lana's story filled with love and heartbreak as Brody moves past his fear of rejection and takes a leap of faith with Lana. This is just plain delicious and captivating until the very end." 5 Stars

That's going straight to the pool room (Ah, I mean website :)). She also reviewed Chasing Sunset, which she didn't like as much. For the most part this seemed to be because she fell in love with Brody and wanted him to get a HEA. Hmm. (Lucky for her I wrote one eh?). This is an inherent problem with menage stories, someone gets left out at the end. Unless you end it with a triad relationship. This however, at least for me, requires a huge suspension of disbelief. I think building a successful relationship between two people, either male/female, male/male or female/female, is difficult enough. You add a third person in there and expect that to last forever? I have trouble buying it.
Thoughts? Know any authors who make the triad HEA totally believable? Bear in mind that if they're all werewolves you've given me a whole other plausibility factor to deal with :).




  1. YAY Sami. Congrats on the fab review. Well deserved. Very well deserved.


  2. I read one once were she fell in love with identical twins and they all lived HEA and had identical twin baby boys as well. They all lived together as one happy family.

    Did I give it to you to read? If not then I will.