Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where Else Would I Be?

Yes, it's Sunday night and I'm parked in front of the tele watching the Oz Idol final. I might as well give up pretending I don't watch this show. Stan may have a better voice but Hayley's cooler so I'm going for her. Go Girl!

On the writing front, I've actually been sticking to my November goal of writing every single day. ALMOST without fail. My day on Friday was a bit of a shambles with Internet problems, a Samhain cafe chat that almost went by the wayside due to aforementioned Internet conectivity issues, an abundance of the usual tears and tantrums and a slight tremble of the hand that caused me to splash a little too much lime infused vodka into my glass early in the evening. He he. No writing Friday. Otherwise I have lived up to my vow, the minimum of 100 wds exceeded every day. Last Saturday I actually wrote 2,500 words. Kids napped (kidnapped?), hubby took one away for a couple of hours. Wow. That's half as much time as I used to have every weekend b.c. (before children). How the hell did I waste it then? I should have written fifty books when I had the chance.



  1. Sami,

    When I was climbing the harbour bridge on Saturday I saw the Idol set outside the Opera House. They were testing the lights etc. Who won? I also saw at least 5 brides having their photos taken around the harbour. And someone in the group just ahead of us proposed to their girlfriend and she said yes. A lot was happening in Sydney on the week end. I had a kidfree weekend and strongly recommend it to all.


  2. Sounds like a great time Ro--especially the kid free part. Stan won, but I really didn't mind. He has a great voice.

  3. Hi Sami,
    Just stopped by to see whats up?
    Seems to me you are on the right track. Yes, whatever happened to the time when we didn't have kids. We worked, we partied, we studied, and we worked. lol...

    Good of hubby to take one of the children, next time make sure he takes two. lol....