Thursday, 3 December 2009

November Wrap Up

Hectic month was November, which is nothing new. Did manage however to stick to my goal of writing every day, always well exceeding my modest target of at least 100 words. Wrote something close to 30,000 wds I'd say, ended up with about half that amount (yes I edit/cut during November. Sue me).

Spent last weekend away from the kiddies with a couple of writer friends, all of us determined to get some words down. I did well... sort of. Started the weekend with 15,000 wds, ended it with 15,000 wds. HUH???? BUT they were the right words, or close to it. Spent the time working out what to cut (a lot), what to add (a lot) and working out where I'm going with my plot (somewhere... weird. I think it's a comedy but my sense of humour can be a little iffy so we'll see). Without going into specifics it's about a straight-laced lawyer and an ascerbic swimwear model who really shouldn't be together for so many reasons, but who end up trapped together in a small outback town that gets cut off by a flood. Not sure how I'm going to work in a decent amount of nookie considering the weather conditions but nature finds a way I suppose. Well, I am already up to a sex scene after 15,000 words so I'm right on that familiar dirty track.

December is here and Christmas related activities are threatening to derail me. I'm going to try for another 10,000 wds this month though, minimum. My modest December goal--I think the lower expectations work for me. A sense of having done what I set out to do if I achieve them, the joy of exceeding my targets if that happens. Didn't Brody Nash say something like that?

"Long ago he’d decided not to even ask for it [too much], because he’d had enough disillusionment in his life, and he was smart enough not to invite more. There was something to be said for not aiming too high."

Smart man that Brody. Depressing maybe, but perhaps he was onto something???


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