Thursday, 17 December 2009

Wanker Extroadinairre

For anyone who hasn't seen it, some full of himself nitwitt wrote a thoroughly uninformed article that purported romance novels were responsible for the downfall of love and real romance, or some such bullshit. You know, he called them porn for women (wow, that's original), said they were badly written and soulless etc. based on a few he checked out of his local library and read with a critical eye. Ho hum. You can read it if you want, but honestly I wouldn't give the pompous, mentally deficient windbag any more attention than he deserves. Loooo---ser.

What is interesting is Smart Bitch Sarah Wendall's thought provoking, well informed reply. Good ammo for anyone who still likes to argue with the imbecilic blockheads who decide to judge our beloved genre on the basis of one M&B they read back in 1981. There's a good follow up piece at Dear Author on morality in romance if you're still interested and like to fiddle fart around instead of writing, like I do.

Not long til Chrissie and today I'm madly baking. This will no doubt be followed by some voracious eating.



  1. Great post. It's amazing how many people have an opinion of romance novels despite having actually read very few (if any) themselves. Yes, there are some badly written books (as there are in every genre), but the majority are beautifully and sensitively written.

    Hope the baking went well.

  2. A Typical egotistical male, who thinks after reading a few romance novels he knows the genre inside out. Grrrrr.

    I am wondering if crime novels are taking the crime from the world. I wonder if murder stories are taking murder from the world. If a romance novel can take romance from the world surely these other novels follow suite.

    Yeah, get a life.

    Thanks for the link Sami. It has made me madder than hell. lol
    Geeish this Mr. Whathisname, has me infuriated.
    Is he afraid to read more romance novels because he may get turned on?

  3. I won’t run the guy down for saying his piece he’s entitled to do that. Wished the way he wrote wasn’t so boring to read though.

    We won’t mention the guys name because he’s trying to ride his book sales on the back of comments to this article. He has a novel on sale titled Romance Language.

    What a boring piece of work that must be. ---- I’ll take a nice (real) romance novel any day over same trashy cheap copy.

    Thank you Sami ---- Eric