Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some Promo of Moi

Have been very lax in the blog post department haven't I? Well, don't look for it to change today. I'm featured over at Black Raven's Erotic Cafe, where I've been suave and witty in an interview (sure, sure), have posted some excerpts (warning: they're not rated G for general), and generally blown own trumpet. There's also a comp where you can win a download of Chasing Sunset (yeah I know, you've already got it. Darn. You'll just have to enjoy the interview for its own sake).
Promise I won't stay away so long before the next post. For now I have to go--how is it a 1.5year old can whine, scream and otherwise chuck tantrums for an entire day and not get sick of herself? What's with that? We're all over it Cherub, so take a break.


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