Thursday, 14 January 2010

2010--A Plan

Yes, yes, I've been getting around to writing the sequel to my 2009 wrap up post, but January has been a haze of heat and post-chrissie guilt, not to mention much organisation in the run up to Princess 4.5 starting school. January is bound to be a little slow. But I'm on track now. Seriously.

So goal for 2010: I'm going to write a book. I know, what a shocker. Like that hasn't been my goal every year for the past five, six... or seven. Sami's going to write a book--you're all really suprised. But this time is different. This time I'm sticking to a schedule.

I'll ignore the way you're chortling into your coffee right now. Very impolite of you. Your mother should have taught you not to pooh-pooh the dreams of others. The thing is I've come to a realisation. The way I've always written is no longer working for me. Obvious, yes, but it took me a while to get it. You see I loved my 'process' such as it was, and was reluctant to give it up. Writing without a destination or clear path was the great adventure I could take without ever having to actually jump out of a plane (I'm not really a jumping out of a plane kind of gal). But alas, my responsibilities accumulate daily, leaving me without the luxury of the time I once spent playing with words, pondering plot twists and rewriting as the whim struck me. Work, the kids, a million errands. Even the dog looks at me when I give him a quick pat as if to say 'what? that's it?' I can't waste time meandering through what ultimately become unrealised manuscripts, not if I want to be a professional about this writing gig. And I do. In order to achieve my goals I have to make use of every rare and precious writing moment. I can't meander, I have to walk in a straight line, with occasional bursts of sprinting.

I have to change my ways, so that's what I'm going to do.

Easier said than done I'm sure. But if last year taught me anything it taught me habits can be changed. It's one of the things about life we can control--our own attitudes and behaviour. Here are the five steps I'm going to take:

1. Write outlines for all manuscripts--haven't I been here before? Yes, but in 2010 I'll stick to it, by golly!
2. Set aside a specific time to write--same time every designated writing day for between 1 and 2 hours.
3. Cut out TV--the only time I can consistently set aside to write is when both kidlets are asleep, and 4am is just not workable. Too foggy. That leaves the oft wasted hours between 8-10pm, otherwise known as veg out time. Sigh. I'm going to miss that.
4. Scale back on the blogging--I don't mean this blog, I'm staying here til someone asks me to leave. This public admission process is all that keeps me honest some days :). But I have to severely limit my visits to other blogs, it's a huge time swallowing distraction. So to those whose blogs I visit regularly, 2010 won't be like that. Sorry. I still love ya.
5. Set deadlines--I've never been late getting revisions back to my editor, not even when I had a baby right in the middle of the editing process. Why do I let myself get away with slacking off on a first draft? My boss needs to smarten up (oh yeah, that's me).

So that's it. Nothing new there but this is the list of stuff I always moan that I should be doing, instead of actually doing it. I'm hoping I'm finally mature and responsible enough to change the things that have been holding me back. Mature? Responsible? Organised? Does this mean the apocalypse is on its way?



  1. Good luck with it all! I have faith and I didn't pooh-pooh into my coffee - can't stand the stuff :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome plan to me, midear :) Apart from the bit where you woefully neglect MY blog (SNIFF). I too am looking forward to an almighty productive year - so lets make 2010 OUR creative write a bestseller year. Okay? Excellent.

    HUGS Cait

  3. Thank you for the blind belief in me guys! Sami

  4. Wishing you all the very best with your goals, Sami.

    I'm with Cait. This year's going to be a cracker!