Sunday, 10 January 2010

Review Time

I got a lovely review for Sunset Knight over at Whipped Cream Reviews:

The first thing I did after reading Sunset Knight was to make a direct trip to Samhain to purchase the story’s predecessor, Chasing Sunset. The characters quite literally pop off the page, each one as well developed as the one before. And to be quite honest, after you get a taste of the super-yummy Brody Nash, you can’t help but want seconds. The chemistry between the protagonists is molten hot and heartbreakingly sweet, an emotional and sensual combination, and you’ll enjoy this fantastic story from start to finish.

It got 4.5 whipped cream cherry thingies, which sounds really yummy. It's up for best book of the week, which is lovely too, for those who like to vote, wink wink. The comp only runs for the weekend though.

A nice way to start my Sunday morning.


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  1. I saw your review there on Sunday, and ... I voted for you!