Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yes, I have been MIA for a few weeks, that time really does fly when you're busy. Hubby and I have been house hunting and it seems like we're about to buy a house. You know how it is, had a huge pile of cash lying around--NOT! The bank's going to own our asses but what are you gonna do?

Okay, so our house is not as big or oozing with charm as the first one, nor as unapologetically whimsical as the job with the tower (who or what is hiding in there? the over active author's mind wonders), but the moving part of the equation still sucks the same.

Will try to maintain a more consistent posting schedule throughout this trying time.



  1. As someone who has just moved house I can sympathize with you completely and you are definitely forgiven for being MIA.
    Jeez, we're still sorting out stuff. lol
    Good luck with the move Sami.

  2. Good to hear what you've been up too!! Congrats on the new purchase!? Will I see you at Coogee this year?!

  3. I'm definitely going to be in Coogee this year Rach--it's already been bought and paid for (yahoo!!!!). Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Thanks for the commiserations RC, I need them.

  4. Hmm, why does that first house remind me of the house in Born Again Virgin?

    And no matter how much stress you're experiencing now, you're gonna have a wonderful, new house in a few months time. It'll all be worth it.

    I promise.


  5. Oh what a headache moving is, with all that packing. Urgh!!! I'm dreading my next move, or should I say the work involved in moving. I love moving actually. lol

    Also great to hear you will be at the conference.

    Suz :)