Saturday, 20 March 2010

To Read or not to Read

Anne Scott, my superstar Samhain editor, recently wrote an interesting post on her blog about reviews and whether or not an author should read their own. You can read it here. The basic idea seems to be don't read them if they upset you, definitely don't respond to a negative review i.e. email or post a diatribe about how the reviewer just doesn't understand you--BIG no no--and don't take negative reviews personally.

I agree with all this. But when you get a positive review? Hell--read it, bask in it, then POST THAT SUCKER AS BIG AS YOU CAN!!! Here's what Ammie from The Romance Studio had to say about Sunset Knight:

"Sami Lee has a beautiful, erotic tale of love overcoming obstacles. I absolutely loved this book! It was exciting and touching. The characters are wonderful. Sami does a good job of making you feel like you personally know each one... more good stuff here, edited because there's just too much good stuff. I'm brilliant, let's face it. So here's the link to the full review. ...I really liked the way all the emotions were so well written. During some of the scenes where Lana is going through her heartache, my eyes actually watered. Now that is pulling you into the story."
Five hearts, Ammie, The Romance Studio.

I love it when I make people cry--is that wrong?



  1. Ducked on over to read the entire thing and wow, what a fantastic review. Congratulations!

  2. No, it is not wrong. It just shows what a good writer you are. I love when a book brings me to tears or produces other emotions because it is so much better than TV. Ro