Thursday, 20 May 2010

Contemplating my Options

In the process of reassessing my priorities into a list of more achievable goals at the moment. The list of things I’d like to be doing writing wise vs the list of what I can conceivably see myself achieving in the next 12 months or so look very different.

Books I’d love to be doing/Ideas I’ve started or taken seriously in the last 12 months:

1. Manhandling—a novel length sexy romantic comedy which, if done right, I could pitch to an editor/agent for print publication (she dreams)

2. The honeymoon effect—an erotic short story/novella I’ve been working on since 2007 but which never seems to work no matter how hard I try (this bugs me so much I want to write the thing just so I can clear it from the mental table)

3. Sweet Home Emmaline—another novel length sexy romantic comedy, which I’m thinking of slashing and turning into a novella that might follow up to the Honeymoon Effect (I know it sounds weird but it does make a certain sense in my head)

4. Demon Lilly—an erotic paranormal novella (I know—paranormal!!)

5. No title—sci-fi romance short story (yeah yeah, sci-fi now? Am I crazy??)

6. The Companion—novel length romantic erotica that’s very edgy, premise might not make it past anyone’s desk.

7. A Man Like Mike—re-write of an old sweet romance that was inches away from being published by M&B London (she believes), if only my hero had been wealthy, and not a pizza chef who worked in a pub.

The list of what can I manage to do right now:

1. Chose one of the above. Just one, because nay, I’m not superwoman—or wonder woman, although I dreamed of owning a pair of those bullet repelling arm bands all though childhood. Not to mention the ankle high red boots! Totally cool! What I wouldn’t give for a golden lassoo right now...

But I digress. Usually something jumps out at me and tells me to write it first, but that’s not really happening now. All of these are at varying stages of completion and could be completed any time, in theory. Thoughts?

BTW, in the interests of wasting the precious little time I have, I’ve signed up for Face Book. You can find the profile badge on the sidebar (down a bit). Feel free to say hi or friend me, if you feel so inclined.




  1. Okay, I'm voting Demon Lilly but I love paranormal. *grin*
    But seriously, my advice and you can take it or leave it, pick a novella. You'll achieve that goal quicker than a novel length story and with the first goal reached you'll feel so much better you'll move on to the next goal. So that means The Honeymoon Effect. If you want a fresh set of eye or ears to run it by you know my email addy.

  2. Choose the shortest one, maybe the sci-fi romance short story? You'll have it knocked over in no time and afterwards you'll feel so good you'll be raring to tackle something longer.

  3. Yep I agree with both of you. Shorter seems the way to go for me right now :).

  4. Hi Sami,
    Seems like a task there. I'm not sure about shorter, but whatever you chose it will be a winner. Facebook, I will try and friend you. :)

    Are you going to the conference this year?
    Suz :)

  5. Yep I'll be at the conference. Can't wait.