Saturday, 10 July 2010

Five Reasons I Haven't Blogged

1. Our internet connection was out for a couple of weeks while we moved. It was supposed to be one week but then our telephone provider, whose name I won’t mention (it starts with a big T and ends in a little a), chose to dick us around when reconnecting so the time stretched out.

2. Okay, so that was a couple of weeks ago. Excuse number two is called school holidays and having Princess Five (OMG she’s five already!) and Cherub Almost Two constantly underfoot. The Princess grows quickly bored with any fun activity I think up and the Cherub wails inconsolably if she is shoed away from the glitter glue and scissors.

3. During the enforced post lunch nap time (for the girls, not me unfortunately) an amazing thing happened. I actually started to get some words down. I wanted to focus solely on that.

4. Another after-affect of the time without Net connection was a bit of an epiphany. I spend too much time on world wide web. Duh, I hear you say. Don’t we all? But really, this was a great discovery for me. It’s one thing to know something logically and quite another to have it demonstrated. The couple of weeks I was MIA, do you know what happened? Absolutely nothing. The world went on without me (shocker!), not an email that landed in my inbox suffered from the wait and whatever publishing industry goss I missed during that time was easily caught up with later. It was, quite frankly, no big deal to me or anyone that I was lost in the wilderness for a couple of weeks.

5. So, as per point 4, I’ve been making a serious effort to cut down my Internet time (this when I’ve just joined Facebook. Guess I’ll be off my face for a while… hardy har har). I’m finding that silencing that chatter of cyberspace is allowing the stories back into my brain. They’re finding the time and space to ‘cook’. I want this to continue for as long as possible, hence I haven’t gotten around to blogging until now. Don’t get excited. I will continue to blog, even if it’s just to annoy you :).



  1. Woot!
    Great to have you back. I missed your posts.
    Hope you're all settled in your new home.
    So what juicy story are you working on? *grin*

  2. Ah, that's a discussion for next blog post I think. Working on more than one again - old habits die hard.

  3. Hope your move wasn't too chaotic. Yes, loved to hear what is happening in your writing land. :)

    Are you heading to the conference this year?