Saturday, 24 July 2010

How Busy Am I?

Am posting a few pics of what I've been doing the last month or so, just in case you think all my ''I'm so busy I can't write!" complaints were bogus.

This was Princess Five's birthday cake. Please ignore the toaster in the background, only remembered to take a picture a the last minute. Please also refrain from commenting on how I've inadvertently given her the icing version of a Madonna cone bra. Didn't do that on purpose, I swear it.

This is Cherub Two's birthday cake. Okay, so after the creative masterpiece of the dolly cake the heart shaped two is a bit of a let down. Something better for her next year. At the moment she's impressed by the mere presence of cake. I could have served her anything and she would have squeeled with delight.

And THIS is what I did for myself for MY birthday. I finally managed to get myself an e reader and it's all red and pretty so I'm totally in love with it. I have been downloading books like mad, although I'll still be reading them into the new year I'm sure. But I LOVE this thing. Portable e books, hip... Access to cheaper backlist titles hip... Reading digital while curled up in bed... Hooray!!!
After all that cake and the takeaway consumed over the moving period, I put on 3kg. Gulp. So I've been back on my healthy eating plan for three weeks and have been doing fairly well. Thought I'd lost heaps only to discover my old mechanical scale is weighing me about 2kgs under what I actually am. Nice of it. Unfortunately the jeans don't lie.

This was just this morning. Halfway through a packet of cornflakes the Princess decides she'd rather have Weet-bix after all. As nothing goes to waste around here, I made cornflake cookies. There was enough to fill the whole tin when I made them but now the supply is looking pretty sad indeed. I'd been doing so well on that diet too...



  1. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing with the Sony e-reader. It's high on my list of readers I'm considering buying. You can take notes with it, can't you? That's a huge plus for me.

    Fantastic cakes too!

  2. Yep, notes can be taken, although I've spent most of my time reading instead of working :). BTW I picked up Three Over Parr this weekend and am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Adore the cake Sami. Great to hear you are going to the conference. Hope to catch up.

    Suz :)

  4. Wow! What a cool e-reader. And those cakes!! I saw some of those in a magazine I just read and I said to myself "when hell freezes over!". Yet, here you have proven the cakes can be made! Well done! I'm getting a Kindle for my birthday but after seeing the sony, I might have to check that one out, too!