Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cherub's First and Last Cheeseburger

Took the kidlets to Maccas last night, because cooking just becomes a drudgery when it's required every night doesn't it? Cherub Two had a happy meal and made quick work of it. This morning? I've had to change her nappy THREE times already, and it's not even lunch time. She's a crap machine, thanks to the not-so-happy-for-mummy meal. You shall now be annointed The Crappy Meal.

The Romantix

Down Under Divas
Because Thursday is really the only time I can manage it, it's become my blog slut day. I've blogged at The Romantix on the five best things about the RWA conference, and over at the Divas I've talked about music and its place in my writing process. Do swing by and check those out if you can. Come on, I managed to write them in between nappy changes, it's the least you can do!!!!



  1. I do hope all is going well, Sami.

    Did you go to the conference, if so, missed you. Damn and drats.

    Next time. :)

  2. Sorry I missed you anon. Have no clue who you are right now but I wish we could have caught up :)